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rock out

Baron Von Bullshit [09 Mar 2009|05:36am]
[ mood | awake ]

I'm going to go insane.

It's been 2 weeks so far, and I still have no job. I was fired for some bullshit that my manager never fixed. At work they do this thing for attendance. 12 points and you're out. Each absence is a point. If you're late <2 hours it's .5 points. Late 2-6 hours (I think) is .75 points. And if you no call/no show it's 2 points. So I was at 12.5/12 points somehow and my manager was supposed to go ahead and fix that for me. HR went through and looked at everyone's current points and decided it would be a great idea to fire me. So when my manager was like "Nick, you're fired" I called bullshit. Fought with him for like 20 minutes, HR for another 30. All to no avail. Don't understand.

I've been applying for pretty much anything I can find that I know I would not immediately quit. No fast food places. I'm hoping that either Hot Topic or this sheet metal welding job call me back tomorrow.

Also, last night a lamp that was hanging over my couch fell and cracked me on the head. It hurt a lot and I got a little dizzy. Started bleeding all over the place. Great times. It doesn't hurt so much right now, only when I shake my head or make sudden movements. Hoping it's nothing serious. I can't afford to go to the hospital so I guess I'll just tough it out for now.

Basically I miss a lot of people in Syracuse and would like to get back sometime soon here to visit, but that's looking less and less realistic as I am pretty much living on my last $1200 until I can find employment. All in all it doesn't really bother me THAT much because I know I'll get back there soon, just not as soon as I wanted to.

I'm pretty much out of shit to write for now...I'm going to just lay down and listen to all the Modest Mouse I just put on my computer.

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womanizer [22 Feb 2009|01:50pm]
I'm being forced to download and listen to Britney Spears while I'm here in Kansas City with my roommate. She is being shot by some photographer here and I'm on my ballin' ass laptop scoping out my new twitter (twitter.com/iwannabeacowboy) stealing internet from the nearest hotspot.

I lost my job Friday. Pretty amazing. This month has been quite eventful. Jail, fired, Britney Spears and Boulevard Ale. What else could happen? (shouldn't have typed that, but oh well).

Trying to get back to Syracuse sometime soon here so I can see the people I miss. And also pick up things I left when I moved. Getting a new apartment in April as my lease is up here at the end of March and Alysha is moving back in with her dad.

ALSO...new phone number. 316-847-3646. text it if you haven't already.

rock out

who even knows? [11 Feb 2009|07:51am]
[ mood | awake ]

It's almost 8 in the morning and I have to work at 1:30 this afternoon. I am wide awake and refuse to take anything to help me fall asleep due to the fact that I am terrified I will not wake up for work. I have 12.5 out of 12 possible points at work that count toward my attendance and should technically not have a job right now. The fact that my team leader is a moron and never reported my previous absences has assisted me greatly.

With that out of the way, an update!
(warning, this is going to be a long one)

I have been living in Wichita, KS since June 30, 2008. It has been about 6 months or so and I have enjoyed just about every waking minute of it. I have great friends out here and one of the best roommates I could ever ask for. She's hardly here, but when she is we have loads of fun. My friends here know what's up, and even though there is our own share of drama here, it's easy to escape by just...walking into another room and pretending it's not going on (since I am not involved directly in ANY of it). I knew moving here wouldn't solve any past issues, but it has presented many future possibilities for me. I have been able to focus on things I want to do for myself and I'm finding it easy to just sit back and enjoy things without stressing unnecessarily. I miss the stuffing out of a lot of people back in Syracuse, but not enough to move back any time soon. I have experienced so much in such a short time, and can't wait for the road ahead. I have been able to save money and buy some things I have wanted for a while. Example: This sweet laptop I am currently posting this update from. I have wanted a laptop of my own for quite some time, and I happened to save the $900 I needed for it in just over a month. Working overtime really does wonders! My lease at my two bedroom with Alysha is up in March and she is moving back in with her dad. Therefor, I will be acquiring my own living quarters from then on out. My initial plan when I moved out here was to live with her for a month max and find my own place, but we had made other plans. Now I can get my own place and decorate how I want! How exciting.

I'm basically doing this update with the intention on trying to get the 3 people that read this to come and visit me. I have been back to Syracuse since I've moved here already, and no one has yet to come see me. I know it's far and expensive, but c'mon! It's amazingly fun! Totally worth it to just see me right? :D

Anyways, I think I'm going to lay my head down and try to get some sleep before work. 4 hours is enough I suppose.

New number also, 316-847-3646 for whoever doesn't have it yet. I got the G1 from Tmobile and it's my new favorite thing ever. (besides Family Man and the company of my favorite person ever).


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Being Ignorant Is Awesome [28 Aug 2008|04:31am]
[ mood | calm ]

wichita is awesome

syracuse i do not miss

i miss some of the people there

i miss the people that got out before me more

i miss my old apartment on danforth

i miss sleepovers when we were supposed to be in class

i miss chex mix

i miss family man and apples to apples

i'm excited for the future

i'm excited about today

life is going better than it had been for a long long time

i only posted this because i haven't posted in a while

anal cunt is an amazing band

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i haven't seen any rainbows yet [08 Jul 2008|06:49pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

so i've been in kansas for a whole week. let me just say, so far it's been so much fun i can hardly handle it. warped last wednesday, good food, fourth of july white trash bash, tons of booze, great people. just more than i could have hoped for out of everyone here. i'm very excited that it's been such a good experience so far. i'm sure i will encounter my boring days/nights but not nearly as often as i did back in syracuse. at the moment i'm at a bit of a lull in action since people are working or out doing other things, but it's okay because i'm not totally with nothing to do. i have, however, been shoe shopping online (which i do NOT need to do). i have comprised a short list of some shoes i would really love to one day purchase after i've acquired a large sum of extra money (or for someone to possibly buy me because they love me so much?)

in other news, i cut my hair!

STEPS!!!! what what

anyway, i'm over this post.

<3 nick

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